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Gom Se Mari / 3 Bears Lyrics (The Children Song in Full House)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Gom Se Mari
A.K.A. 3 Bears Song
OST Album Full House OST
Romanized by
kom sema-ri-ga
han chi-be-yi-so
appa gom
omma gom
ae-gi gom
appa gommun tung-tung-hae
omma gommun nal-shin-hae
ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo
hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da

Hangul / Korean Lyrics

Hangul Title:곰 세 마리
곰 세 마리

곰세마리가 한집에있어
아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰
아빠곰은 뚱뚱해
엄마곰은 날씬해
애기곰은 너무귀여워
히쭉히쭉 잘한다

곰세마리가 한집에있어
아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰
아빠곰은 뚱뚱해
엄마곰은 날씬해
애기곰은 너무귀여워
히쭉히쭉 잘한다

English Translation of Lyrics

Translated by: Sera Streiff-Vena & Bo-Hye Lee
Submitted by:
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63 comments for this post.

  1. yoongmin says:

    노래가 재미와 오락이다

  2. Reggie says:

    Gom Semariga Hanjipeisseo
    A-ppa-gom Eom-ma-gom Ae-gi-gom
    A-ppa-gom eun ddung-dunghae
    Eo-ma-gom eun nal-shin-hae
    Ae-gi-gom eun neomugwiyeowo
    hissuk hissuk jalhanda

  3. Nia says:

    woww, I like this song! aww, bagus deh, pokoknya…

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