39 Korean Soundtrack Lyrics with Translations


I recently added the English Translations of the following OST Lyrics. There should be 40 song lyrics though, but I accidentally sent the translator two files for the same OST.

Enjoy ^_^

9 End 2 Outs

A Love to Kill

Capital Scandal

Coffee Prince

Full House


Goong S

I Am Sam

Love So Divine

My Little Bride

Over the Rainbow

Thank You

Tree of Heaven

Vineyard Man

War of Money

Witch Amusement

Wonderful Life

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  1. Your lyrics great.thanks a lot…B-)

  2. choclynz says:

    Hi…do u hv secret marriage song lyric? Nhac phim cheo yong / tham tu san ma- cheo yong ost part 2

  3. sunflower93230 says:

    I wondered what happened to the website Kreah-craze.com romanized lyrics/? It was a really cool website but I can’t get to it anymore.

  4. christina says:

    Thank you kreah craze! for uploading any korean songs and lyrics!
    your lyrics are great ! and
    thank you for good service for all your customers just like me!
    so… keep up a good work!

    thanks and goodluck!

  5. Kelly says:

    McDonald’s mocha coffee is actually not half-bad. Well, for McDonald’s, anyway…

  6. ann says:

    please,give me a copy of the english version lyrics NAMJA-DEMONEH korean songs…

  7. julia says:

    thank you so much for uploading all this lyrics its wonderful
    can anyone tell me where i can download saranghae by lee dong gun in sweet 16?

  8. momo says:

    thank you so much for uploading all this lyrics its wonderful…
    and please can anyone tell me the lyrics of sarang han damyon from sad love story i can not find it anywhere

  9. azzy says:

    hey..your lyrics are great 😀
    but can you please upload junhaji muthal mal by J??
    it’s also one of the soundtrack for goong S…

    thanks a lot!