Badayohaeng Lyrics (Coffee Prince OST)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Badayohaeng Lyrics
A.K.A. A Trip to the Sea
OST Album Coffee Prince OST
Singer ,
Romanized by
i-hae-ssa-reun a-reum-da-un
noye-gero tto-na-don
nae yo-hae-ngul kio-khae-jwo

aju-mon badat-ka
cho ha-neul-ka o-din-ka-ye
nowa-naye sujong-han
chuwok-du-reul kanji-khae-jwo

nunbushi-ge pu-reu-run
no-neun-nae-ge bada-in-gol
sunnae-mil-myon hayah-ke
buso-chi-don noye-kkum-deul

kinyong-haengul tto-nar-yo-hae
a-juki-peun bada-yo-haeng
bu-deu-ron unbit-mul-kyol
mo-meul-shid-ko noye-gero

nunbushi-ge pu-reu-run
no-neun-nae-ge bada-in-gol
sunnae-mil-myon hayah-ke
buso-chi-don noye-miso

nodo-ara nae-ganol
aju-manhi sarang-haneun
po-geunhake kamssa-jwo naye-ke

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Hangul / Korean Lyrics

Hangul Title:바다여행
티어라이너 (Feat. 한희정)

아주먼 어느날
이햇살은 아름다운
너에게로 떠났던
내 여행을 기억해줘

아주먼 바닷가
저 하늘가 어딘가에
너와나의 소중한
추억들을 간직해줘
눈부시게 푸르른
너는내게 바다인걸
손내밀면 하얗게
부서지던 너의꿈들

긴여행을 떠나려해
아주깊은 바다여행
부드런 은빛물결
몸을싣고 너에게로
눈부시게 푸르른
너는내게 바다인걸
손내밀면 하얗게
부서지던 너의미소
너도알아 내가널
아주많이 사랑하는
포근하게 감싸줘 나에게

아아아아 아아아아아
아아아아 아아아아

English Translation of Lyrics

Translated by: Sang
Submitted by:
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  1. queen1984 says:

    Lo maximo esta cancion, muy linda balada. Gracias x la letra, aunq deberian tambien traducirlo al español seria genial.

  2. ayasha says:

    i love this song so much.thanks 4 the always make me wanna cry.

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  4. Ryan DW says:

    I just Finish watched this movie, and try to know what the meaning of this song.

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    nice work fellas!!keep on!!!

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  6. momomiko1o says:

    the meaning of da song really make my heart touch..

  7. This is the best romanization of a song I’ve ever seen! Thank you very much

  8. perla says:

    This is my favorite in the Coffee Prince OST — it’s on epis 4 & i just think this sounds very romantic even if i don’t u/stand some of the wordings or lyrics! Komowopta habnida Kreah! You’re great! I don’t know what we’ll do without your website!

  9. nhayhamy says:

    hello,i am just a visitor who’s desperately trying to get this song on my phone.could you pls…help me to be happy! i hope this work,i just realy love badayohaeng by tearliner.Pls…kindly send me its mp3…pls…


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  11. lia says:

    like this song so much!
    anyone knows the translation?

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    This song kill me a lot……..really hot.
    thanxzz 4 d’ lyric

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    i love this song..much….i miss Coffee prince everytime i hear this song(white love story)huhuhu…can’t help….miss HK

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