Chohwahae Lyrics (Op.Theme-Really Really Like You)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Chohwahae Lyrics
OST Album Really Really Like You OST
Singer ,
Romanized by
Chinja chinja chohwah-ae
norul norul choh-a-hae

kanun dwitmosub sabato morajyo
warirang kokaerul nomoso na bunaejwo
kurohjiman hansumsorin naege yeah
chulgobke saljarago malhae
inae-ma-um sesange makhyo
kurae-do nan misurul ji-o
chinja chinja manhi johwah-ae
urimoto nakati jowa

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29 comments for this post.

  1. yanie says:

    i want mp3 for this song

  2. pk says:

    i don`t know that song name … but i know lyric … girl singer sang la ~~ la ~~ la ~ la ~ la ~~ la… i want that song … plz ..

  3. pk says:

    hello .. . i want to “Really Really like You” Korea movie….. in that movies ~ la~ la ~ la ~ la~~~ song

  4. sam tanaka says:

    Any chance of English translation of Really Really Like You songs?


  5. Kreah says:

    nagbigay na po ako ng link sa post na to kung saan kayo pwede magdownload…
    eto ung link na binigay ko

    Kapag nandun na kau sa blog na yan… tapos nakapili na kayo ng kanta n idodownload, right click mo yung link kunwari Track 3… Right click tapos Save Target As… tapos may Pop up gray window, mgbibigay ng option sau to save the file

  6. ase says:

    hi bka meron ka mp3 nung love song na kanta sa show na yan… pki send pho sa email ko… thanks po..

  7. erian says:

    many many thanks Kreah!…Got it! actually i’m now listening to it… Mwah!!!

  8. Kreah says:

    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>This is where you can download osts for which star… Enjoy!!!</a>

  9. erian says:

    hi Kreah! Thank you so much sa link ng really really like you, ha… you’re my angel! mwah! do you also know where can i download Which star are you from OST?… thanks again…:)

  10. Kreah says:


    about the “aaahh” version of Kaendichorom, I really can’t find it, even in korean websites. It’s not listed in the album, too.

  11. Kreah says:

    hindi ko po yun maatach sa e-mail

  12. twisted sunshine says:

    hi.. meron ba kayong mp3 nung opening song?!! pa send naman sakin thanks! =)

  13. whoah says:

    thanks for even trying! ^_^

    i’m kinda using different email addresses right now to manage different email messages so could you put a notice in this page that you have sent it already to the email that i used in commenting? ^_^


  14. Kreah says:

    well, you couldn

  15. whoah says:

    well, you couldn’t really call it “instrumental” since the “aaaaaah”‘s are also vocals…it’s just that they’re not exactly “words”…

    yah, please do check it cause it’s a really soothing song! reminds me of enya…
    i really want to have this song in my mp3 so please, look for it!…

    i’d be so greatful!…(puppy eyes)

    p.s.: i’d always be checking back on this page for updates from you on this…(smiles)

  16. Kreah says:

    Actually, I haven’t finished watching IRRLY, I’m more on Dalja and Which Star.. 🙂
    Anyway….. about the Kaendichorom thing with just aaaaaaahhhhhh as lyrics… maybe you meant the instrumental thing right? 😉

    I watched the video in the link…. and looked on the lists too… where we can download… It’s not there… maybe they really did not include it…because the reprise version was fast. I’ll try to check other sites..

  17. whoah says:

    hey kreah, i was looking for the version of candu chah rum that has no lyrics in it but all “aaaaaahhhh”…do you get me? hihihi

    i’m talking about the version of it that played during the birthday of nam bong ki when he and yeo bong soon were in the pool…

    if you can’t remember here, you can refresh your mind through this video…


    what number is it on the list or is it even on the list? if not, do you know where i can find it?


  18. whoah says:

    kreah, super thanks for the link of the ost of really really like you…i finished watching the drama last night/”madaling araw” in the fake dvd (such a shame, i know) and i was like crying so much…i was crying almost every like 10 or 15 minutes! i cried even in the “kilig” parts…sobrang napaiyak in that scene where yeo bong soon was sleeping at the hospital beside nam bong ki and then bong ki took a picture of her and then she took the phone from him and then she discovered that bong ki had so many pictures of her na pala! now i feel sad that their story is over…*sniff*

  19. Kreah says:

    Erian, <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>here is the link for Really Like You downloads</a>. I downloaded mine here.

  20. erian says:

    hi there! i am looking for a free download of “Really Really Like You OST” (mp3)…i hope you can give me one…pleeeeaaase…..this is one of my favorites! thanks a lot!!!

  21. Kreah says:

    Whoah, buti sinabi mu yan sa akin… iba pala lyrics ng fast at slow version… naromanize ko na yung lyrics ng slow version… puntahan mo tong link na to…

    ang problema ko nga lang hindi ako marunong magtranslate…

  22. Gundress says:

    Maraming Salamat Po! sa link na binigay mo, sa kasamaang palad nga lng po eh wala akong friendster lol

  23. whoah says:

    ito po ung nasa url na kakalagay ko lng…pls po ha…salamat po lga…


    ????? ?????
    ??? ?? ??? ? ???
    ?? ??? ?????
    ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??

    ?? ? ? ??
    ?? ??? ??? ?? ????
    ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????
    ?? ???? ??? ?? ????
    ????? ??? ?? ??? ? ??

    ?? ? ? ??
    ?? ??? ??? ?? ????
    ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????
    ?? ???? ??? ?? ????
    ????? ??? ?? ??? ? ??

  24. whoah says:

    hello! pakiromanize at pakitranslate naman po ung song na toh…

    ito po ung url niya sa youtube…

    may lyrics na po yan diyan kaso lng po di naman ako marunong ng korean e…

    pls po….

    pakilagay na rin po kung sinong kumanta…ngayon palang po salamat na nang sobra kasi matagal ko nang gusto tong song na toh…

  25. Kreah says:

    Alin? ang Ouran??? kulit niyan eh.. nasend ko na sau link kung saan ko nadownload.. ipopost ko din ang info sa Korean OST Lyrics list

  26. Gundress says:

    ate kung may mp3 ka nitong slow version nitong Chohwahae pasend nmn sa e-mail ko ^^
    once ko lng kasing narinig to sa tv eh pero pagkarinig na pagkarinig ko p lng nagandahan na ako

  27. cay-cay says:

    Ate may katulad ka ng style sa blog mo itong background! katulad kayo kay arashi, yung singer ng themesong ng hana yori dango! 🙂

  28. cay-cay says:

    Ate tinignan ko blogstats mo!! congrats!! ang taas!
    🙂 hehehe