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32 Korean Drama Original Soundtracks in My August 2007 Play List

One of my visitors used Top 10 Korean Drama OST in her keywords, and I found this keywords a clever idea as a new post. But it is just so hard to decide which are the ten songs I like most, because the songs in my play list are great. Initially, there are 50 songs in my list. But I have chosen 32. Why 32? It is just so hard to remove these songs from the list.

So here they are, all 32 songs in no particular order.

  1. Pabo – Wonderful Life
  2. To you of Mine – Dalja’s Spring
  3. I Think I – Full House
  4. White Love Story – Coffee Prince
  5. Give Me A Little Try – Princess Hours
  6. Mianhaeya Hanun-goniSassy Girl Chun-hyang
  7. Perhaps Love / Sarangingayo – Princess Hours
  8. For a While – Coffee Prince
  9. Sweet Lover – Dalja’s Spring
  10. Komawohalkke – Full House
  11. Daka Kago Shipo – The Vineyard Man
  12. Ulrobomyon…bulrobomyon – Which Star Are You From?
  13. Haruga Jinago – Mianhanda Saranghanda
  14. Sarangun Himdunkabwa / Love can be hard – My Girl
  15. Aengmusae Lyrics (Parrot) – Princess Hours
  16. Gojokkatun Sarang – Dalja’s Spring
  17. Nae-ane Byolchorom – Fireworks
  18. Miracle – Which Star Are You From?
  19. Unmyong / Fate – Full House
  20. Sangorul Saranghan Ino – My Girl
  21. Naege Oketni – Sad Sonata
  22. Sweet Love – Which Star Are You From?
  23. Kaendichorom / Like a Candy by Eugene – Really Really Like You
  24. To be with you – Wonderful Life
  25. Nae Soneul Chabajwo – Dalja’s Spring
  26. Like Me – Foxy Lady
  27. Ipyol Optnun Gotheso (Track 15) – Tree of Heaven
  28. Choumgujariye – Full House
  29. Saranghandamyon – Sad Sonata
  30. Angel – Prince’s First Love
  31. Never Say Goodbye – My Girl
  32. Tangshinun… Nanun Baboimnida [Singer: Stay] – Princess Hours

What I noticed is that I do like a lot of songs from Dalja’s Spring, My Girl, Full House, and ‘Which Star Are You From?’.

Now, I have an idea… why don’t you post in the comment box your all time favorite Korean Drama OSTs. It’s okay if its 3, 5, 10, or 20… I will tally it if after receiving 100 responses.

If I don’t have the lyrics of some of your favorite songs I will romanize the lyrics and include these lyrics in my Korean OST Lyrics List page. I am not saying you don’t have the lyrics; maybe other visitors are looking for the lyrics of that song.

Isn’t this a great idea? Make your list below. Don’t forget to include the drama. I’m looking for 100 respondents. Tsk tsk tsk… how long will this take? I hope before September ends.


21 thoughts on “32 Korean Drama Original Soundtracks in My August 2007 Play List

  1. I like the Sad Movie theme song, but that is a Movie? Does that count? What is it called again?

  2. No, it does not count because it is a movie. The song’s title is goodbye.

  3. Can I get a full house,winter sonata and tree in heaven OST.If you have please send it to me.I really love them.Thank you!

  4. Hi, do you have any songs from lovers in praque? nice web you have here. addict din ako sa k-drama’s eh . I haven’t tried watching their movies baka madissappoint kasi ako but I guess i should give it a try. a very stupid question… magkapatid ba si kim rae-won and and the guy from sweet 19 ( i believe yung doctor ata ung role).

    Among the latest k-drama , so far mas nagustuhan ko yung crazy for love. maganda yung story .

    anyways, thanks for this web… magiging regular visitor ako dito hehehe….

  5. anyung-haseyo…..
    wow… it really help me to sing along with the music….
    i love korean music since i heard full house’s.
    This is a great website.

    thanks alooottt….

  6. i want all the meaning of the songs in my girl….. can you help me?

  7. i lke dal ja spring, tree of heaven, mr goodbye, lovers, surgeon bong dal hee, my girl ost

  8. alter,

    I have the translations and romanized lyrics for the following songs in My Girl.

    # My Girl

    * Never Say Goodbye
    * Alone
    * Sarangun Himdunkabwa / Love can be hard
    * Happy, Happy
    * Sangorul Saranghan Ino

    Check the links on this Korean OST Lyrics List

  9. Hello,

    I am from hungary. can somebody help me toget the songs of korean drama LOVERS?
    I cant get them. my favourite is GoHae.
    PLEASE help me!!!

    thank you

  10. moriael,

    You can download the song Gohae from
    This is the link. But you have to register and sing-in before you can dwonload the song—Go-Hae

    You can get the romanized lyrics here.

  11. Hi Kreah!

    Is it possible to get the other instrumental backgrounds in Which Star Are You From? which was not included in its OST? I was so terribly disappointed when they did not even include those wonderful piano arrangements (esp in the scene where Director Choi seng hui was showing Kim bok sil the playground where he used to go during his childhood..*sigh)..

    Thanks2x!! =)

  12. hi….kreah craze please…also is video the palaces or prince who (prince hours (goong s) not princess hours please ok!!!!

  13. These are my fav. OST
    1) MY LOVE…..Lets go to School sang Doo
    2) Neo-ra-neun geol…….Wonderful life
    3) Ga Na Yo………………Wonderful life
    4) Don’t Let farewell Come……..Romance
    5) Sweet Dreams………………My Love Patzzi
    6) Promise………………Romance
    7) Give My Love………Save the Last dance
    8) To be with you………Wonderful life
    10) So In Love……………Love Story in harvard
    11) TILL……………………Romance
    12) NAE ANUI DEJUIN….Lets go to School Sang Doo
    13) Thinking of You……….Stairway to heaven
    14) My Dream……………………Save The Last dance
    15) Jo Gak………………….Wonderful life
    16) I’ll Be there for You…….My Love Patzzi
    17) Oh my darling………..Wonderful life
    18) Give me a little Try…….Goong
    19) Snow flower……………I’m Sorry I love You
    20) Our Love will always last…..Save the last dance
    21) BABO……………………..Wonderful life
    22) Geu dek ji geum………Full House
    23) HAENG bak ha ka reun geul…….Wonderful life
    24 ) Remember……………Memotries of Bali
    25) Wnt to love You……..Only You

  14. Hi Kreah,
    I’m looking for Witch yoo hee lyrics, for Destiny Song and lyrics of ost Queen Of the GAme, the title is ” Dok Han Sarang by Browened Eye Girls” n The Game Of Love by Soul Mate.

  15. nice website, pls. include ost from Winter Sonata. thanks.

  16. Hi KreAh,
    First thank you so much for your list.
    I was wondering if you know where I could get the english translation of Se Sang…Dan Han Eh Bun Sarang by Ha Doon Kong? Thank you so much.

  17. heyyyy. ive been looking for soundtracks from “my lady” and “only you”. you reckon you can upload some of them? i dont know the names of the songs though (:

  18. hi kreah..

    do you have the “love Marriage” soudtracks lyrics..i’m looking everywhere but couldn’t find it,so if u have it please let me know..
    thanks for reading my comment…

  19. Hey there,

    I’m looking for the OST for a Korean Movie, ‘Baby and Me’…where can i get it? Is it available on any websites? Please help… 🙁

  20. I am also looking for the OST of the Korean Movie ‘Baby and me’ so if you know where to find it, please tell me ^^

  21. I know this is not related. I’m looking for an instrumental song at the end of the movie “Soo”. Anyone?

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