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Korean Words and Sentences Related to Love Relationships

I am sharing to you now, the Korean words/ phrases/ sentences that are related to relationships. I am not the one who made it. I just got this from Learning to Speak Korean. If you want to learn more just click the link.

English Words / phrases – Hangul- Pronunciation

  • boyfriend / 남자친구 / Nam-ja-chin-gu
  • girlfriend / 여자친구 / Yo-ja-chin-gu
  • sweetheart (boyfriend, girlfriend) / 애인 / Ae-in
  • couple / 연인 / Yo-nin
  • dating / 연애 / Yo-nae
  • date / 데이트 / Dei-tu
  • blind date / 미팅 / mi-ting
  • marriage meeting / 맞선 / Mat-son
  • engagement / 약혼 / Yakhon
  • wedding / 결혼 / Gyo-ron
  • broken heart / 실연 / Sir-yon
  • breaking off engagement / 파혼 / Pa-hon
  • divorce / 이혼 / i-hon
  • second marriage / 재혼 / Jae-hon
  • darling, honey, sweety / 자기, 여보 / Ja-gi, Yo-bo

English Sentences – Hangul- Pronunciation

  • It was love at first sight.
    • 우린 서로 첫눈에 반했어요.
    • Urin so-ro chon-nu-ne banhae-sso-yo.
  • Will you be my girlfriend?
    • 내 여자친구가 되어줄래?
    • Nae yo-ja-chin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae?
  • Will you be my boyfriend?
    • 내 남자친구가 되어줄래?
    • Nae namjachin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae?
  • Would you like to go out with me?
    • 나랑 사귈래요?
    • Narang sagwi-llae-yo?
  • I love you.
    • 사랑합니다.
    • Saranghamnida.
  • I’m crazy about you.
    • 당신에게 반했습니다.
    • Dangsinege banhaet-ssum-nida.
  • We’re a match made in heaven.
    • 우린 천생연분이야.
    • Urin chon-saeng-yon-buniya.
  • We split up.
    • 우리 헤어졌어.
    • Uri he-yo-jyo-sso.
  • Would you marry me?
    • 저랑 결혼해 주세요.
    • Jo-rang gyo-ronae juseyo.
  • He broke up with me.
    • 나는 그에게 차였어요.
    • Na-nun gu-ege cha-yot-sso-yo.

210 thoughts on “Korean Words and Sentences Related to Love Relationships

  1. Wow..You know all this things well….

  2. I hv found a website to translate korean song ( but mus be written in Hangul) in English. could you please forward all the Heaven’s Tree lyric (in hangul) to me… the melody is so good. it keeps humming in my ears. yet I don’t know the meaning of the song.

    Thanks in advance

  3. how do you say
    “i love (name)”?
    not just i love you

  4. nanin *** sarang hae.

  5. how do you tell a girl you want to see them?

  6. Wow^^ gamsa hamnida

  7. how do you say “i love you too”?

  8. “how do you tell a girl you want to see them?” –>it goes like this “Bogoshipuh ”

    “how do you say “i love you too”?” —-> “nado sarang hae”

    mmmm… my boyfriend is korean so I learned some hangul from him…
    just wanna share with you guys.. 🙂

    nado=too(i love you too=nado sarang hae)
    popo juseyo=give me kiss
    neh sarang=my love
    chonun mokko shipoyo=i want to eat
    pa mokko shippuh?=do you want to eat?
    maum dero heh=I dont know with you
    odi issuh- where ARE you

  9. sam can u please help me to speak korean

  10. what is the spell of name the RACHEL when it is translate into korea?

  11. oh, my boyfriend also korean,,, hehe, i just share. i want to learn korean

  12. can somebody teach some korean words there.. ~!~~

  13. “I love you too” = Nado Saranghae

    “I love you (name)” = Saranghae (name)

  14. how do i use the word Oppa with my boyfriend? how do i tell him i wanna live wit him in korea?

  15. Korean is actually not such a difficult language…
    My Fiance is Korean…
    I thnk the more you hear the language the more you learn, its really great… ^^

  16. Hey!

    I ‘d like to see the korean characters in the comments please… otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to me… lol!

  17. my oppa teach me to learn korean hangul…

    how r u? – ottohke jinaeshimnikka?
    hug me – anajuseyo
    kiss me -kiseu hae juseyo
    brother -oppa
    i want u tonight -onul bam dang sin gwa hankke igosip ayo

  18. Dangsinege banhaet-ssum-nida.

  19. na-do saranghae is i love u too??
    isnt tht true??
    i happy to hear it…
    thx sam…

  20. what if? [perfect.fate.couple]

  21. ..ohh i love korean words….also ’bout relationship here’z wat i learn i missed you so much=nomu pogo shipossoyo in japanese i love you=daisuki desu,i miss you so much=samishi kata desu,and in spanish,i love you=te quiero,i miss you=te echo de menos……thatz all….i learn..thankzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. oh i really wanna learn many words & sentences ! I’ve been watching a korean sereis >>( u’re beautiful ) & through that i learned some words . i don’t find it that hard , but also need to practice more 🙂 hope u guys learn mooore too 😀
    gamsa hamnida

  23. Can someone please tell me where I can find the English translation of the song Uri Saranhajiman (Though We Love)? It’s one of the songs in One Fine Day Korean drama. Really love it. Thanks.

  24. What’s the meaning of this in english? NIGA PIL YO HAE

    thanks in advance hope you can help me 🙂

  25. me enkntahh muxo ezto …kieziera zaber komo ze dize :
    -no me importa lo que diga la gente yo te kiero
    -eres la perzona maz linda
    -zomoz la mejorez amigaz
    -nadie komo nozotraz
    -laz 3 mozketeraz
    -te voi a extrañar kuando te vayaz
    …………… x fiz kiziera zaberlo .zi ?
    graziaz =) ;D :3

  26. how to translate these:

    I always love you. I hope someday, you accept me. I love you so much and I am willing to be always good, for us.

    thanks 🙂

  27. Hello…
    I’m new to this site. I find this website interesting,not that I like korean pop musics and dramas; but because my boyfriend is a korean. He’s not just an ordinary korean boyfriend who is cute, playful, thin, young, great dancer, great singer and a college student. I must admit that he has all of the traits above except for the young, college student and cute. He’s definitely not young, he’s a business man in my country (philippines), and I prefer to call him good-looking rather than cute.

    We’ve been together for quite sometime now. Although I learned some of the basic korean words from him, I still want to learn more than he can teach me. Not to mention the demands of his work and mine being a college student that prevents us from seeing each other more frequent.

    Our conversations often lead to arguments which is cause by a lack of understanding due to the painful language barrier. He can understand/speak little english, and when I say little, I mean “little”.

    I’ve want to write a love letter to him because I think that this is the most effective way in which I can express my true feelings for him.

  28. I accidentally pressed the “submit comment”. So here’s the continuation.

    I am looking for someone who has a willingness to help me translate the “love letter” in hangul. I can read hangul anyway so it’s a problem with me. I just don’t know how to make a correct sentence yet.

    So enough with our love story. Can anybody help me please……


  29. hey! thanx for sharing! can you tell me how to say: “i miss you, my love”

  30. hi i am Alex from NEpal i am quiet a fan of korean dramaz its ossom i wanna learn korean laguage

  31. sam your wrong hmmm im korean i think you should study well a korean language 🙂 nanne lee yuuhi imnida! 🙂


  32. lil not gamsa-hamnida its kamsahamnida 🙂

    1. d b thank you yan???

  33. joy: 🙁 not nanin*** saranghae?
    for example name first then tangshin-ul saranghamnida 🙂
    hayzzz 🙂

  34. Wow,everyone hEre are goOd in korean language…I want to learn too,since i am a great fan of korean dramas..Hope to see mOre roManizeD KOrean words that are translateD in ENGlisH…Kamsahamnida

    1. AN NYEONG HA SE YO!.you may want to enroll to korean school where i am presently enrolled now..

  35. Wow!,everyoNe of you are all gooD in KOrean language.I want to learn too since i am a great fan of korean dramaS..Hope to seE More roManizeD korean sentences that are translateD in ENgLish…Kamsahamnida

    1. jinjja???????????


  37. anyong heshimnigga
    saranghaeyo 🙂

  38. me too adik ren ako jan…

  39. adik na adi ako jan maslalo na ung mga kanta ni kim a jong

  40. i am a great fan of korean people and ofcourse the actor and actress. they are just so beautiful.*_*

    1. im very interested to Koreans !

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  48. Great! Thanks for sharing this. Kamsahamnida unnie! ~ 😀

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    send my regards to snsd ok ?? ahahaha

  50. anyeong,,i really love korea,,,im getting addicted to it,,,specialy in korean drama,,,,nae namjachin guga do-e-o-jul-lae,,,dangsinege banhaet-ssum-nida chun jung myung,,,,saranghamnida

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  54. Saranghamida Korean Peeps i really really love your love story movies it makes me [KILIG]<<in tagalog nyahahahaha.kumasumida..

  55. ..annyeonghaseyo.!

    im so addicted now to study more about korean langyages,!

    – – – > GAMSAHAMNIDA.! :))

    <3 saranghamnida.! <3 :)))

    1. an nyeong ha se yo.. i love your comment..i, too are studying korean language now..gud luck to both of us

  56. ang ganda ng korean words no saranghamnida

  57. I Love to Study a Korean Languages 🙂

    1. well then, maybe i can help you find korean language school.i am presently enrolled to a korean language.

  58. wow..really like it..;)

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    1. your right…..korean love it….:)

  60. saranghe korean love it!!

    1. saranghimnida korean words @__@

      1. Would you like to go out with me?

        * 나랑 사귈래요?
        * Narang sagwi-llae-yo?

        1. im crazy about you ..

          < dangsinege banhael ssum nida 🙁

  61. I’m the great fan in korean people. i love korean so much.. im so addicted in korean dramas.. i want 2 learn korean languages im so addictive in practicing korean language……………….

    i love korean…so so so so much………….:)

    1. tama ka ate??


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    2. ako din po addict na adict sana marami pang korean dramas and love stories ang maipalabas d2 sa pinas!

    3. ako din…. SUPER LOVE KO ANG KOREAN LANGUAGE… sana matuto aq ng salita nila…hehehe..

    4. can you help me to learn more Korean language Uhn-nee ? Shipsheeyo. kamsahamnida.:))

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  68. Will you be my boyfriend?

    내 남자친구가 되어줄래?
    Nae namjachin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae?

    1. saranghamnida:)

    2. YES XURE Y NOT..? PWD KBAH..?

    3. yes, i’m so glad to be.

    4. kamsahamnida korea.. i really really love korean 2!kkorean place is 1 of my inspiration.. i love k-pop korean drama.. and more!!!

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  69. korean language is so cool……love it…….god bless…

  70. i tried to study how to speak korean fluently but i guess that,s not too easy without a teacher.. but at least, with my own skills, i learned how to write and read korean.. i also learned some korean sentences

  71. Saranghamnida ja-gi

  72. Saranghamnida ja-gi..!!!!♥♥♥

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  77. naneul sarang korean:)
    love seeing their dramas nkaka heart to get…sooo touching..

    how I wish to see them idol actors..

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    i like!! it i like it!!(^_^)

  80. i love korean words so much! oMg 😛

  81. i love writing korean words and singing some korean songs,….im kpop lover ♥

  82. I find it so sad na karamihan ng pumupunta dito mga pilipino. Hndi ba pwedeng yung sariling wika muna natin?

  83. eow po?
    i love u koreano?

  84. I love you.
    Saranghamnida. oppa!!!!!

  85. me 2 i love super junior, 2am, 2pm, big bang, beast, kara, point 10, girls generation, wonder girls, brave girls, korean languages, korean handwriting, korean drama, korean movies, korean fashion, etc.




  89. Thanks for this comprehensive translations. Is this formal? 🙂

  90. i love korean and japanese .. :)i like the way they talk .. hehe

    english – i love you
    korean – saranghamnida
    japanese – aisheteru


  91. enjoyable..!!!!!korean

  92. saranghimnid korean or kc

  93. waw thx it’s really helpful maybe one day someone will say to me
    Will you be my girlfriend?

    내 여자친구가 되어줄래?
    Nae yo-ja-chin-guga do-e-o-jul-lae? ^^

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  101. I live here in Seoul,so all I wanted to do is to practice learning Korean Language.I love it!!!

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  104. i ove korean also …also i like to learn some korean words

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    i like to learn korean

    1. The actress are so beautiful..!..
      i love park shin hye..
      and the guyz there i love lee hong ki

  107. annyeong haseyo, eotteohge jinae? i like this words 😛 sarang hae <3

  108. .. i luv korean words 😀

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  110. I would like to learn korean words

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  121. I’m a Pilipino but I’m Too addicted to Kpop Boy/Girl group even in Actors and Actresses that so Good ! By the way I’m Dianne solares of Philippines :)_

    Saranghamnida <3

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    i really want to be a korean… because of my KPOP that i love the most!!!

    PH.ELF here!!!!

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    ang gwapo ni mario maurer …… >.<

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  135. saranghae Korean Words

  136. Saranghamnida korea and korean words

  137. 우린 서로 첫눈에 반했어요.
    Urin so-ro chon-nu-ne banhae-sso-yo.

  138. ILove korean movie and korean words saranghae 난 당신을 사랑…..

    1. i like the movie of korean and i like korean words
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  139. if you could make your movies and soapies available all over the world. I love to watch more of the movies ,documentaries ,drama.

  140. awesome

  141. “저랑 결혼해 주세요.” is rather “Please marry me.” 주세요:Juseyo is please and 결혼:gyeolhon is marry. 🙂

  142. i like that!!!


  144. I realy love korean and korean people and korean language

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