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6 Reasons Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas/Series

Within 20 years, the South Korean Entertainment has successfully launched multiple series of TV shows that have been watched not just by South Koreans alone but by an international audience across continents, a milestone that no one would have guessed possible 30 years ago. And until now, new Korean TV dramas are produced and released every couple of months ensuring the flames of the Hallyu Fever keeps burning. And this is great for many fans including me.

In a span of 17 years, I have watched closed to 75 korean dramas. I know, that’s a big number but it’s spread throughout the years. (Ha! you can probably tell how old I am. But that’s another story.)

In this article, I have listed 6 reasons why I have watched Korean TV shows over and over again.

Reason 1: A Well-Planned Number of Episodes to Tell the Story

Korean TV dramas that become popular internationally usually have between 16-20 episodes, where 16 is the most common and in 2-3 months the show is already over.

When on air in South Korea, a korean drama will be aired two episodes a week and will usually be shown at night. Then, an episode lasts a little over an hour which is sufficient to make a story flow cohesively chapter by chapter. Then another hour will be aired the next day to continue the story. If it is all good that 2nd night, viewers have to wait for 5 days for the next episode to air which can be an overwhelming wait if the story turns out really good.

This type of scheduling may be normal for other foreign fans but this is refreshing for me as I grew up watching TV dramas that air 30 minutes a night including tv commercials and the series would last over 6 months to years until the story has losts its meaning at the end of the series.

In general, the korean drama production has done a good job planning ahead how many episodes they need to produce the story.

This makes creative sense and business sense.

For the writers, these allows to be cohesive in their storytelling.

For the people that finances the show, the episode limit allows them to plan a budget confidently.

For the actors, they could give their all to give soul to the characters they are playing as they don’t get burned out playing the characters knowing that in a few months shooting the scenes will be over.

For the audience, time is not wasted for following a story that has been cohesively written and produced. And it is easy to drop watching the show as well if after an hour the audience was unable to connect to the characters of the show or find the story interesting.

Reason 2: A TV Show Where the Creativity from All the Members of the Production Team is Apparent

When does a Korean TV show becomes successful in telling the story? When many elements of the show appear to have moved uniformly and makes the audience believe and feel the fiction world; magically at the same time.

Actors are the most visible performers of a successful production since they are the one in front of the camera. However, the writer’s imagination and the production crew are also vital for a good production. What’s the use of having great actors if the story itself and the storytelling is crappy?

The following are the essential elements of a great story and korean drama production crew know how to use them well:

  • A great narrative which could move the viewers naturally, relatably. The writers, actors, and directors really had to work together to showcase what make the characters human and relatable. Below are some scenes.
    • Characters thinking out loud while brushing teeth or getting ready for work
    • Characters who are on their toilets while trying to figure out what to do with their life after all
    • Characters who are crossing the streets watching the go or stop signal on a busy day or a hard day
    • Characters who shop for groceries, who wait and miss the busses, who pay at convenience stores, who wear the wrong shoes, who shiver during job interviews, who prepare food for people they love and the list goes on…
  • Cinematography, where different camera and lighting techniques are used to convey the mood and details of the story. You would wonder how many outtakes were done to actually have the 15 seconds scene in the series.
    • There are different camera shots, and I’ve seen korean drama series utilizing many of them: aerial shots, close up shots, wide shots, point-of-view shots, medium shots, top shots, etc…
  • Sounds where when without none could leave the story unappealing. Just imagine how the sound directors actually record the sound of the waves or the sound of a beautiful morning. And how the team can come up with a good selection of background music fitting for the narrative’s mood and tone.
  • Detailed Editing where scenes are put together like pieces of the puzzle, when it is just right all along, where taking out a scene or putting another 30 seconds may not make sense anymore.

Reason 3: A Relatable Family-Oriented, Asian Culture

I am an asian. Thus, korean drama stories are appealing to me because of similarities of my culture and korean culture.

Close family relationships are important for many Koreans and extended families living together appear to be an acceptable lifestyle. Koreans bow towards their elders and use words that show politeness toward strangers or to people close to them. Just like how people live in many southeast asian countries.

Below is a list of similarities I found:

  • Public elementary and high-school students wearing uniforms
  • Koreans are learning English as their second language
  • Shanty houses are common too
  • Wet markets and store carts on the sidewalk
  • Small houses where 5 people could live

I have lived in the United States and the culture in the US is really different from Asia, where the examples in the list above is not something you would see often.

Reason 4: A Romantic Story Without the Need of Obscene Scenes between Couples

It is just the right amount of butterflies in the stomach. A heartwarming feeling that makes you want more and more as you keep watching the characters interact.

The South Korean TV production crew has probably perfected this formula. And as you keep watching these series, many scenes may have become cliche. However, expect the Korean writers and producers to still create that romantic twist the audience will love. It’s not about how much skin the actors have to show, but it’s about how the audience will feel the couple’s growing pains and happiness.

Reason 5:  A Good Mix of Talented and Good-looking Actors


Well, “talented and/or good-looking”, this should be pretty obvious if you have been hooked already.

Also, you may have noticed that it is rare for a lead korean actor to be paired again to the same lead korean actress in another series. There are no permanent team ups but actors and actresses are chosen based on chemistry and the characters of the story. This is hard on the viewers who would love seeing a “couple” again on another show, but as I see it, this is actually positive for the sake of art and creativity. Actors are remembered first by the characters they portray and not by who they worked with.

Reason 6: Collectible Song / TV Soundtracks

As I mentioned in Reason #2, stories without detailed sounds would be unappealing. So sounds are important. But add background music to the mix just made it more interesting to watch and feel the mood of the story.

One of the reasons I got hooked in watching Korean dramas / movies are the background music played for the scenes. Although I couldn’t understand the lyrics for most of them, music has no language barrier. Thus, this website was made by me because of that.

33 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas/Series

  1. I love watching Korean dramas and movies….I have a lot of reasons….I can’t live without them!

  2. i rili luv watching korean drama/series. I luv the twist,the story and the characters.

  3. Well, as indonesian i feel same like you. Indonesian drama or series seem like bounded in same plot over and over again. It makes me…boring…. Absolutely right, the lenghten plot will biass us and sometimes the plot is made to be long long long and long so the drama or series is not interesting anymore. How can it happens? i think not only indonesian but also other asian drama or series sometimes can’t show how the characters and the value it self. That is the answers. But lalely, in Indonesia there are much drama or series which adopted from korean, one of them air recent is Snow Queen (feel glad because the plot is great as like as the original one). I think its find as long as the plot is quite the original, but how come my country change the plot which adopted already so dramatically? it makes awfull, hard to beleive but that is the reality. Even Indonesian, philipine, thailand can’t spread the wave like korean wave or japanese wave but those country have to eager much effort right?. No one can beat korean / japanese drama series. I really fond it.

  4. I never thought I’ll get to like korean drama until I chanced upon them during a long period of leave from work.

    I guess the reasons I like them are:
    short – usually 16 episodes
    Happily ever after endings (I only like to watch happy shows/comedies)
    good looking leads
    Simple story with 1-2 twists sometimes, easy to follow
    Not much violence or sex

  5. you are absolutely right.

  6. Im a newcomer when it comes to kdrama .I just simply fell in love with Lovers in paris when it was shown for the first time in the Filipino channel here in the United states.tyhough my parents are both filipinos, i can’t speak the language and thank god for the internet like etc that i was able to watch the series with english subtitles.I really fell in love with it and must have watch more than 30 korean dramas already.Top on my fav. is of course LOVERS IN PARIS followed by WONDERFUL LIFE, MY LOVE PATZZI, FLOWERS FOR MY LIFE, ROMANCE, ATTIC CAT, WEDDING, COUNTRY PRINCESS and a lot more.I also love Temptation with Wolves , Too Beautiful to Lie, MY GIRL and I movies.I don’t watch American TV anymore except maybe for American idol and dancing with the Stars. I also find their soundtrack very beautiful like LOVERS IN PASRIS and WONDERFUL LIFE where all the songs are all 5 stars.Thanks to my friend angel 323 from the west coast for telling me about this site. I want to say YOBOSAYO to all from the east coast of the United states. AJA!!!!!

  7. I also want to add that they have the best looking guys in the planet earth starting with RAIN,KIM JAY WON, KIM RAE WON,KANG DONG WON,SO JI SUB,LEE DONG WOOK,HYUN BIN,LEE MIN HEE,SHIN DONG WOOK,GO SOO,KWAN,SANG WOO,WON BIN,SONG SEUN HYUNG, JI SUNG,LEE DONG GUN and of course PARK SHIN YANG. Most of them are six footers .

  8. I love Korean dramas because they make me feel good. Seldom you see violence and they express their love without nudity or explicit sex.Its so pure yet you feel the intensity of their emotions.The male actors can cry and can make you cry.Kim Jae Won made me cry in Wonderful life and so did Cha Tae Hyun in Flowers for My Life. They don’t over act their parts.The sceneries are wonderful and the wardrobes are great.You learn a lot about their culture and customs like weddings and funerals.And lastly their OST’s are beautiful and matches the scenes where it is played.It adds to the happiness and sadness to a particular scene and when you hear the music it will remind you of that scene. They are collectibles.

  9. Yes, a fellow Filipino who also loves korean dramas more than Filipino dramas. I’ve been addicted to Korean dramas since 2004 and have a massive collection of downloaded dramas. and their OSTs. Because of this addiction of mine, I also created a website devoted for Asian Entertainment >> .

    My staff and I upload mangas, Asian Albums and OSTs (one is korean dramas). I also want the world to know the greatness of the Asian culture and how well they make movies or tv dramas that doesn’t include TOO MUCH sex, violence or annoying overacting.

    Except for a few American TV Shows, most on local TV (San diego) right now are crap. Americans have been remaking Asian movies too because they are running out of innovative ideas.

    Just spreading the Asian culture love,

  10. the reason is crystal clear,it is because of the couple matches. they are so pretty and matches the situations.unlike here in phil.movies actors,actresses still have their make-ups on and hair style even sleeping or on a complicated situations…..

  11. from malaysia..
    im absolutely agreed with all of you!!!
    kreah..i think my reasons is same goes to u!!
    i am a KOREAN FREAK ever since i watched Full House..
    then i continuously watch n watch non stop..
    but i dont really like some Korean Movies like 3-iron,Art of Fighting,April Snow etc
    cause there’s more violence n 18SX that really annoying for me!
    plus,the lead actors is my ultimate crush>JAE HEE!!!!

  12. one of the reasons I love Kdramas — it’s wholesome — if it’s a romance drama you won’t find them hugging/kissing so much unlike their American counterpart; they show love & respect even to their friends; no violence – no guns only fist-fights; if the story of man/woman get stranded in an island the lead character have all the respect for his woman; they’re affectionate but in a very respectful manner!! I agree the Korean actors are so awesome, cute & handsome! I agree with all of the comments here – I can only echo your views about Kdramas! Since I’ve discovered Kdramas, I never watched American movies/dramas anymore, this is true, even with Korean music I love them all — i don’t play any other music — only Korean OSTs (smiles). To sum it up — Korean dramas are the greatest, plus their actors, singers! I’m completely addicted! (smiles)

  13. 6 reasons why i love watching drama because the story is sad,romantic,interesting, the actor and actres is good acting and good looking,give me ispiration and i enjoy watching all korean drama…

  14. i totally agree with y’all
    i don’t know the reason/s exactly..
    i just love watchin’ it and life gets boring for me when i don’t have a shot of my korean flicks..
    just can’t get enough..i’m a koreanatic!!!

  15. kreah i totally agree to u. dat’s really the reason y i love korean drama bcuz i can easily flow to the stories unlike our local drama. and i noticed in all korean dramas the men always wore formal clothes like americana.i love the soundtrack of fullhouse and witch yoo hee..

  16. pili lang talaga ang mga nagugustuhan ko sa korean pero tama ka sa mga sinabi mo dito..bravo..:D do you happen to watch jdramas as well? i think they also have excellent cinematography… and although most of jdramas offer bizarre kinds of plot (example LIAR GAME) i think they’re very interesting (although hindi siguro papatok sa lahat kasi it requires ‘thinking’). cute rin dun mga damit nila by the way hehe. 😀

  17. yeah! i strongly agree with u! kdramas r less violent dan our dramas! nd kdramas hav not da same themes as our drama is! i rili h8 our drama!! so cheap!! nd the korean actors nd actress r very fashionable!:D

  18. well…looks like im just like every1 else here…only thing is that i find the korean actors hotter than american’s….american shows are so lame…I dont really know why I think like that once i started with k-dramas..

  19. I really like and loved korean dramas, because they are very entertaining and full of value, love for the family, respecting elders, in other words, i can easily relate in the story because its really happened in our daily life. Stories are not violent actress are simple, their not wearing those heavy make just to show they have beautiful faces, their not wearing very sexy dresses just to reveal their skin and flesh, specially not need in the story. Actors… they really cried
    they made their viewers cried too, (it happened to me all the time)
    Once you watched kdrama, you can’t stop yourself watching again and again… there’s no turning back until you get addicted yourself.
    Like their drama their music also great, they have great singers especially male singers, they have great voice, i like their music, their melodies are nice to hear. I have many reasons of loving and liking korean dramas… i will keep on watching till the end. I love
    South Korean stars..

  20. every one here teliing here is too i like korean …hehehesarangheo ..eun

  21. 100% agree to you!!!

  22. i totally agree with you, i love k-drama more more more more more :))

  23. I just watched 1 Korean drama on-line “Winter Sonata’ and I like it. Like the story, actors’/actress’ play, and panorama.

  24. Hi,

    I’m searching for the ost from the kdrama – Country Princess. The song is nice and greatly appreciate if there is anyone out there to guide me to locate the songs.

    Thank you so much

  25. Someone should grab Korean men them by their balls and remind them that they are men and that they should stop behaving like castrated sisssy boys. The women are quite adorable… but i’m afraid they look pretty cuz of plastic surgery. what a pity

  26. Well i found my mates! What can i say? Im addicted! Cant let d day pass without watching k dramas. I have more than hundreds of them and still counting. Actualy i realy dnt knw whats hapening in the phils cause i dnt watch tv, watching dvd eats up all of my time! Hehe

  27. i love watching korean drama..i love the way the act..they don’t show too much tears and cry too hard but they sure had the way to touch your heart and you can easily connect with the feeling and emotions of each of the characters..simple and yet had a great impact..

  28. hi…i love k dramas a lot…just like you all..there a lot of reasons why i like k dramas…my first korean drama is autumn in my heart..but i love to watch wedding starred by jang nars…hihi…

  29. hi…i love k dramas a lot…just like you all..there a lot of reasons why i like k dramas…my first korean drama is autumn in my heart..but i love to watch wedding starred by jang nara…hihi…

  30. Yes …I am a new comer to watching Korean Dramas . I am addicted after watching ‘Secret Garden’ hahaha!

    1. you should be cus it’s one of the best drama ever.

  31. I usually find Kdrama rather tedious and predictable but once in a while, with help and recommendation by my Korean friend, there comes this interesting and unexpected K drama plot with great casts and valuable underlying theme. I loved watching Secret Garden, Greatest Love, Your Beautiful and jewel in the palace. So addictive and powerful!

  32. kdramas offer a human take at everyday emotions w/o the oversexualized, graphic images permeating in other dramas and movie industries. I enjoy the topics, eras & keen interest in showing their country in a favorable, proudful light. The entertainment world can learn so much from the korean industry!

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