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The Story: I am Sorry, I Love You (MISA)

(This article contains spoilers.)

After tallying the k-drama-fave-list of Korean addicts on two websites, I found the drama MISA equaled the fame of Full House and Princess Hours. I wondered why. So, yesterday, I went to buy a copy and I watched it the whole day, today. It had sixteen episodes just like most dramas. When I was buying the DVD yesterday, I thought the lead actress of Sweet 18 was the lead role of MISA but I was disappointed when it wasn’t her. Anyway, MISA is the shortened name of Mianhada, Saranghanda a.k.a. I am sorry, I love you.

THE STORY (continue to read if you’re not planning to watch)

MISA was one of those stories that Korean writers love to write—stories wherein the leading character is dying. It was a story of Cha Moo Hyuk, adopted by an Australian couple and he was, of course, raised inAustralia. Cha Moo Hyuk, however, was abused. He lived a gangster kind of life. Probably he was already 26 years old then when the accident happened. (Moo Hyuk died at 27.) He was shot in a wedding, saving the lives of her traitor girlfriend and her mob leader groom. He survived the accident but the second bullet was left in his brain. Yet, he only had a year or less to live.

Through the money given by her ex-girlfriend, he went toKorea and was able to live a luxurious life. But before the accident happened, Cha Moo Hyuk had an encounter with Song Eun-chae, who was the stylist of Choi Yune, a Korean Star. Song Eun-chae became a victim of Moo Hyuk gangster friends but Moo Hyuk, fortunately, in some kind of circumstances was able to become a savior of Eun-Chae.

So now, in Korea, Cha Moo Hyuk searched his family by guesting in a finding-lost-relatives show. He showed his necklace with a ring (like the ring of LOTR) in the show, as the only proof he had for his lost family. The ring has an engraved word, “together”.

Luckily, the son of his twin sister, Kim Kal-chi, was watching the show and immediately made contact with the shows’ personnel’s. Cha Moo Hyuk’s twin sister had the mind of a six-year old child due to a car accident when she was five. Kim Kal-chi was able to recognize he was a relative since his mother also had the same ring that Cha Moo Hyuk showed in his guesting. The engraved word, however, was “forever”.

Kal-chi brought Moo Hyuk to grandpa, the one who raised Moo Hyuk’s twin sister. Grandpa revealed to him that her mother was not as poor as he thought but a famous Korean actress, the mother of Choi Yune. Grandpa told him that her mother abandoned them because they were stumbling blocks of her career, being the fruits of her affair with a married director.

Moo Hyuk sought revenge by being hired as the manager of Choi Yune and getting close to Yune also revealed how caring her mother was to his son, and actually the best word was dependence. Oh Deul-hee, their mother, couldn’t afford to live without Yune, whom he thought was his only relative left. This angered Moo Hyuk.


But as he was acting his plans for revenge he fell in love with Eun-Chae, Yune’s stylist whom he met inAustralia. Moo Hyuk, however, at this time, had only three months left in his life and Yune was suffering with heart ailment after a car accident. The accident could be blamed to Moo Hyuk’s plans of revenge. Eun-Chae was in confusion, to whom should she give her heart: to Yune, who was his childhood friend and whom he loved for twenty years, or to Moo Hyuk, who made him feel appreciated and well loved. Moo Hyuk was sincere to Eun-Chae and to make her fall in love with him was never his intention.

Since Moo Hyuk knew that his days were numbered, he volunteered to donate his heart to Yune. At first, his intention was to inflict pain to his mother. Once her mother knew that the heart was from the son he abandoned, it would be a sweet revenge for Moo Hyuk.

But later, he had a changed of heart since he found out through Yune’s confession that Yune was adopted. And her mother never knew that she had twins for what she knew his child died when she gave birth to him. Eun-Chae’s father, who was the chauffer of Oh Deul-hee, was the one who took the twins when they were born and left them in the orphanage. He did this thinking it would be the best thing to do, and he told Oh Deul-hee that her child died.


Moo Hyuk died loving his mother. And Oh Deul-hee took good care of her children, Yune and Seo-kyung, and also her grandchild, Kal-chi. Yune recovered with Moo-Hyuk’s heart, and continued his singing career. Eun-Chae went toAustralia and (I believed) she committed suicide beside the tomb of Moo Hyuk.

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14 thoughts on “The Story: I am Sorry, I Love You (MISA)

  1. this is my favorite kdorama, really thank you

  2. this is the best k-drama i ever watched, and i’ll never forget it. I still can’t forget misa though it’s aired 3 years ago.

  3. yes thats true

  4. this is an incredible love story,

  5. Hi viewers,

    Dis is the best korean series i have ever seen. I think i shed ocean full of tears watching Moo Hyuk bearing the pain silently. I simply loved everyone’s performances. I have become a dye hard fan of Soh Ji Seop. He is really cool. I recommend all shud watch dis series.

    Love to all…………… dovee

  6. i loved korea and the korean people from k-drama such as winter sonata ,sad love story,sorry i love you and they make me very sad because of the missing love in our days,i start alsolearning the korean langauge,i want to thank all korean actore,actress for all this love,i wish traveling to seoul-korea.byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  7. iam an arabian girl .i like your drama so much i have seen 6 Korean series and i hope that some day i will visit your country and see those actors i really love you and your country through your drama which translated into >>Arabic<< here .i think that you ara a nice people becouse i know about your culture and tradition and i want to learn your language to watch your drama in its original language .Sorry I love you ,avery sad beautiful drama such as Sad love story .so i have aquestion ,,,Why the Korean writers like to write a stories with atragic end ?????? Can any Korean person answer me ,please?

    With all my respect,

  8. i loved this drama alot ..
    its one of ma best =D

  9. A very unique drama. I believe this drama story is like a treasure to korean dramas. But any way presentation was weak as well as some audience will not feel satisfied by ending. Music is ok. Lead actors seems a bit unmatchable as second male lead could be a good copule with female they looked pretty. Drama contains suspense and tragedy which is a bit more than the series demands. Overall a good drama.

  10. Hi!I am hind I love this film so match and i can’t say nothing more because i love every Korean drama

  11. OK I forget something here in morocco the peoples love the drama Korean so please come to morocco WELCOME in morocco of course in festival Marrakesh of the best film . I LOVE YOU

  12. I love yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooooooooo and ole this drama Korean think’s for the writer and the actor you are nice people .every my respect and every my love from my heart .think you

  13. The story swooo good.Actor SJS fantastic fella and good actor.

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