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Screenshots: Eric Mun the Super Rookie

Eric Moon

I had no any idea of him until I watched Super Rookie two months ago and it wasn’t really a love at first sight, too. It was his character that I got more interested rather than his looks. The character was hired because of a computer error. He got a perfect score instead of a zero in the application written exam, and eventhough he couldn’t speak english he managed to passed the interview part with flying colors!!! But he shouldn’t have been hired at all in the first place, since he is a PE major and a gangster and an unemployed for ten years. Who could have mistaken accepting his application in the best business corporation in South Korea? 😆 Someone just did and she was fired. Miok was innocent somehow, it was an accident.


Super rookie

Now let’s just imagine how he would be able to survive in this corporation without any knowledge at all. Thinking of all the possibilities I was glued in my computer screen trying to watched the whole series in one sitting. I ended up watching the rest of the episodes the next day, I have school anyway. 😆

Well, the company’s director knew about the computer error and he will do everything for Kang Ho, the character, to resign. He wouldn’t kick him off because the whole company knew that this Rookie was the Top Hire. Confessing about an error would be a scandal in the Best Corporation. But then, Kang Ho was able to survive, didn’t he? Just look some of these few screenshots.

Eric Moon

Eric Moon Super Rookie


Eric Moon


As I said it wasn’t his looks that I got interested, but as hours went by I realized how charming this guy was. Especially when he blew his bangs when he’s bragging something. 😮 [Don’t have snapshots of that but I have these.]

Super Rookie


And I was just as SHOCKED as his office mates when Super Rookie shows his dance moves in episode 14, doing that Michael Jackson steps…

I found out few days later after finishing the series, I learned from dramawiki that Eric is a member of Shinwa, a famous male group in South Korea. That explains how good he was in dancing and singing that Superman Superman. 😆

Super Rookie

Super Rookie

Kidding aside, he was the lead rapper of the group and I also read that he is the leader of Shinwa. 😛 And with this realization Eric ended on the 3rd spot of My Top 10 Crushes among Korean Actors.
Then just last month, I watched his movie Diary of June. He was totally different on this movie. He was intelligent and more manly. :mrgreen: Eric was portraying as a detective trying to solve the mystery of a series of murders every other day of June.


I am planning to watch Korean Secret Agency a.k.a. Invicible Parachute Agent one of these days. Its kind of sequel of Super Rookie but it seemed not. I don’t like his hairstyle in this series.


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20 thoughts on “Screenshots: Eric Mun the Super Rookie

  1. his grooming in Super Rookie is actually so good especially his hair that it made him look better… anyway, this show was moved in QTV 11 right? i saw it last Sunday and the episode ended with a newcomer in the company who also perfected the exam…then i saw an advertisement at that station that next week at the same time slot as Super Rookie will premier another korean drama Beauty something…does Super Rookie really end what that episode that i have last seen or did QTV cut the drama?

  2. Yah, it ended already… because QTV cut so many scenes… sOOOO manY!!! check my post. but probably the ratings are low, too taht’s why they moved it in QTV..
    but they haven’t put the show in a good timeslot… its an inspiring korean drama. 🙂 They are disappointing… The QTV I mean.

  3. awww…sayang naman…his hair is really nice here pa naman! hihihi

    anyway, i’ve been viewing some other blogs and in some blogs, i saw some posts about a really cute guy korean kid named moonbin…he’s really cute…do you know anything about him? is he like a korean child actor or something?

  4. Is this moonbin? Wow he is really cute. He will have a great career if he grows handsome and if he can act well. I don’t know much of him aside from the info from the blogger. I’ll try to search though…

  5. yah, i saw that blog rin…isn’t he really cute? based on some photos, it seems that he does modelling and probably acting as well…pls post some things about him in case you know more…: )

  6. his so cute…u should watch his new drama….Que sera sera…it’s already out..and u should watch it from beggining to last,it’s story is so cute..especially the love triangle between eun soo, hae lin and tae joo..

  7. How surprise!
    While I was reading your comments about how to get to know and feel about Eric, I felt exactly same way as you did. I didn’t know ErIc Untill I saw Super Rookie and I’ve tried to find out who he was as you did and I am so crezy about him now because the more you know him, the more of his charming really is!!
    No Doubt if anyone could feel as we did!

  8. Yehey!
    I found someone who like Eric in Super Rookie. Some don’t like its story. I just hope they’ll realize the story was not about a love story. It was about Eric’s character!!! Love you Eric!!

    Thanks Nirattha…^_^

  9. My friends asked why I liked Eric in Super Rookie!
    I should have her to read your commart so that she will understand how I feel and know that there are someone out there who like his character as well!
    I”d better thank to you!

  10. kong ho is funny..
    he was like wearing his ID card and medal everywhere…hha..even when he sleeps

  11. i love eric so much….hope i can find someone exactly like him, his character in super rookie as kang ho…

  12. hope you’ll come to visit philippines eric mun….i’ll come running just to see you!

  13. Hi Kreah, i have just found this site today. So you also like Eric,
    Eric is currently in military mandatory service along with other
    Shinhwa member Kim Dong wan. I recommend you to watch some of Eric’s
    drama in My Soju, here’s the tiltle ..”Korea Secret Agency”,”Phoenix
    “Breathless”, “Strongest Chilwoo”. I like Eric too because of Shihnwa
    some of the member are temporarily active on their own…Jun jin,
    Andy, Shin Hye sung, and Lee Min woo. Only twenty one months left
    they will be together again, that time we can hear about Eric again.
    Eric dopped his american citizenship and joined the military and was
    not able to attend to his sister’s wedding.

    Kreah let’s wait for Eric’s return.

  14. kang ho is a funny boy,,,,

    i love him…….

  15. kang ho is a funny boy,,,,

    i love him…….



    1. i don’t agree..
      he is my oppa,

  18. I love eric.I don’t think he’s a gay..

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