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Screenshots: Joo Ji Hoon, Goong

It’s unarguable that Joo Ji Hoon  is charming. I even met a 38-year-old woman and a lady in her late twenties. They giggled when they recalled the scenes of Ji Hoon and Eun Hye from the previous night. They were talking about the scenes on the beach.

Now that, Princess Hours is over, I am looking forward to his new drama The Devil. I have watched this trailer in Youtube, and it seemed a suspense drama. upload credit to: rockinphuong link to youtube


Shin Min-ah is in the series, too, so I will definitely watch it. For the meantime, let these photos of Ji Hoon in Princess Hours pleasure your eyes.

32 thoughts on “Screenshots: Joo Ji Hoon, Goong

  1. …love you…joo ji hoon….happy b-day….god bless you always…..;]

  2. Joo ji hoon was really gentle man in Princess Hours and lovely.

    Love you from UK.

  3. love you Lee Chin (joo ji hoon)…!!!!!!!

  4. I’m waiting for your movie “Devil”. In Princess hour you’re so hamsome. I love you so much

  5. Love you
    soo cute

  6. good looking ji hoon
    so cuteeeeeeeeee
    so cute

  7. All i can say about him is that i will never marry him (What a Dream!!) b’coz I will be sick of jealous all the time each time he walks out of the house.. coz I know …outside there.. a bunch of starving ladies wait for him to be preyed…. CKRAWKK!!!

  8. I LOVE JOO JI HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU VERY HASNDSOME………….SO CUTE……………


  10. you know when i see you i fell so happy because i fell inlove w/ you

    hugs and kisses

    hug… muahhhhhhhhh

  11. i think you are a good kisser because you kiss better than GOONG YOO in the scene w/ YOON EUN HYE hehe

    love you so much

    im frm PHILIPPINES

    hope you could visit our country

    Tace Care always

  12. hope you could e-mail me

    are you and KIM JEONG HOON are brothers????????????

    you know when i see you smiles i feel like im melting wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i wish i could kiss you wahhh (watta dream) hehehe

  13. HEY JOO JI HOON this is my e-mail

    hope you cold e-mil me

  14. you know ji hoon, your so cute and hundsome…i am your number one fan !

  15. hey jihoon,anyonghaseyo!im filipino…many filipino hoping for your visit here in philippines…hehehe,you have many filipino fans, so we hpoe that you could visit our place..

    LOVE YAH!!!

  16. Hello! I’m from the Philippines. I just want you to know that Princess Hours was a big hit here in Manila. I hope the cast of Princess Hours could visit Manila. A lot of fans are waiting to see you. I just hope the cast in Princess Hours could do another sequel.

  17. hello..I’m from indonesia.I want you to know that my friend and me like you very much…

  18. hugs and kisses

    Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence

  19. Hi Hi, Min Ga Lar Par
    I am from Myanmar. I love you and your acting. I will love you forever.

  20. ı love you joo ji hoon ı want to say a lot of thing but ı dont know english language only a few words good bye loves

  21. Joo Ji Hoon You ‘re very handsom & smart . You’re my No.1.

  22. I’m POP , Thailand I hope that, You’re come here in Thailand .
    I’m you fanclub…. I love u

  23. ı know u have got a lot of fans but why can ı do?ı have to write ı wish u hear me.please write something puff:(

  24. Hi Joo Ji Hun How are you??? I’m your fans from Indonesia. You’re so great in princess Huors. I hope you Come back to Indonesia.
    I love u So Much……..
    You’re acting very good.
    You’re smile very Cute……

  25. hy joo ji hoon………… are very….very….very handsome!i like you,,,,,oya, i’m from indonesia!


  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    my eyes twinkLed!!
    i super ,miss him~~!
    kamsahamnida f0r sharinG!!


  28. i love you joo ji hoon.try to against ok

    ahwan (myanma)

  29. I wish You will be OK.miss you so much.
    come back can be me.

  30. ai,,,,
    from indonesian,,,,,
    my name is putri,,,,
    aq pgen diputar ulang princces hours ny y!!!!!!!!
    i like that,,,,,

  31. hi,I am shahrzad from are the best korean actor that I have ever seen & I love you so are very handsome specially in princess hours.

  32. joo ji hoon!!!! Happy Birthdaay!! we miss you!! saranghae~~ God Bless <3

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