Jakkujakku Lyrics (Really Really Like You OST)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Jakkujakku Lyrics
OST Album Really Really Like You OST
Romanized by

Nan jakku-jakku / niga pogo shipunde
Nol magumagu / anachugo shipunde
Non jakku-jakkuman sujuboman hanunkol
Nan aiku aiku ottokhae

Achime nunul ttopomyon rappappa
Honhake pichinhaessal nunbujyo
Talkomhan nomane haemalkun mongsorinun
Naye harurul ddo kkae-wojwo

Naesungul ttolgo shipchiman rappappa
Aninchokhago shipkidohaji
Chogumman / do chogumman / nae mamul mada chumdamyon

Repeat Chorus

Nan jakkujakku (4x)

Chonsaengi mwo-yossot-killhae / non daeche / nugunya!!
Non daeche mwokillhae
Nan jakku ppajyotulgo naye harurul ddo chaewojwo

Repeat Chorus 2x


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9 comments for this post.

  1. mary says:

    who sings this song??
    looking for it everywhere but can’t find it =(

  2. winter says:

    do u have the hangul lyrics.. coz I much prefer reading the lyrics with korean characters not the romanized one.. coz I’m having a hard time to read it.. and do u have korean lyrics for like a candy and jinjja jinjja joahae.. pls.. post it if u have,.. thanks..

  3. amie says:

    i love korean ost very much i dont understand i still like it…thx for this site..

  4. winter says:

    this is a really cute song.. do u have the hangul lyrics coz i can’t understand much the romanized one.. thanks..

  5. may says:

    i love this program, i bought a dvd just to watch it continously. where can i download thier music?

  6. ??? says:

    Any Ost Download??

    MESSAGE REPLY FROM KREAH>>> This is the <a href=”http://myfavecomics.blogs.friendster.com/allaboutmiss_b/2006/12/drama_ost_part_.html” rel=”nofollow”>download link for OST of IRRLY</a> ^_^

  7. Kreah says:

    I have the lyrics now… Just check the list ^_^

  8. Kreah says:

    I might get the lyrics of it from the korean websites and romanize it. But it may not be that accurate because I will not be able to check the irregularities of the korean letters. Do you know where I can download the song?

  9. nicodemus says:

    Thanks for the lyrics. Do you have the lyrics of Noon mal….( I forgot the title, the song is usually played during sad scenes.