Me, Learning Hangul

I am proud of myself for I can now pretty recall some Korean words and sentences other than saying Annyong haseyo.

I can now understand their sentence construction, which differs from the English language.

If we say ‘I am going home’ in English, it is like ‘home I am going’ in Korean, or like ‘Bahay ako punta’ in Filipino, not to mention those formal, polite, and informal endings. If you are watching Korean dramas in DVD’s I am sure you already noticed that Korean actors often say heyo or imnida at the end of their sentences. Well, that’s being polite or being formal depending on the person they are talking to: their friend, their boss, or their parents.

Last night, I learned, however, that siblings no matter what order it is, talk to each other using informal endings. I really admired how they were able to switch perfectly those endings. Just imagine if you are talking to your boss, your friend, and your brother at the same time. Anyway, a Korean has mastered it being a native speaker. So, for foreigners like us, it is safe to use the polite endings heyo or hayo. I wonder when I am going to watch Korean dramas or movies without subtitles. I could recall my first impression of the Korean language years back. I think it was the time I watched My Sassy Girl (I wasn’t able to finish it), and ‘Full House’ in Korean. Whew! The actors seemed to be angry all the time and they spoke too fast. I said that it is a difficult language to learn. (Actually, I thought I would not be able to learn a language by myself). But it changed when I decided to research on Korean’s writing system, the Hangul; the writing system is being admired by many language scholars. Then, I found myself engaged in studying the Korean alphabet.

It was hard at first since I am used to reading roman letters. In fact, I surrendered and resorted to the Romanization. But when I tried to memorize songs in Korean, I discovered that Romanized lyrics weren’t good to follow especially when I compared these to what I was hearing.

I often revised Romanized lyrics just to sing the Korean songs correctly. I learned later that Hangul have some irregularities unlike Filipino, which is described as ‘kung ano ang sulat, siyang basa’. It takes patience to master these irregularities, but once mastered the rest will be easy.

If you are planning to learn a language like me, you better start now since it takes time before you become fluent. (But according to a trivia I read, no one is ever fluent of the language he speaks, even those native speakers. Interesting.) ^ _ ^

Besides, imagine the benefits you will reap once you learn a new language. Research those benefits in the net. And pick the language of your interest.

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  1. jAyzEL siong says:

    ahm actually im a filipino a k addict nd presently my mom enrol me in k class…first its so hard but later on you will juzt notice that its so easy nd nice in the feeling that u know how to read nd write their alphabet..

  2. shivi:P says:

    hi! i’d love to learn corean, i’m still tryin’ but still in level 0… if someone wants to learn spanish i can answer any question, i’m peruvian… 😀

  3. tedz29 says:

    Hi everyone, I’m also a K addict.. I love their songs, they have great melodies.And their dramas, I watch it online. I’m currently studying different languages. As of now I’m studying Mandarin, next stop is Korean.. Well for those who are interested to learn different languages I suggest you to use Rosetta Stone program, that’s what I’m using to learn Mandarin.. Well I could learn faster with it than memorizing from the book I bought.. Sana matapos ko na yung 3 Levels para start ko na ung Korean.

  4. Anna Marie says:

    I am a korean lover as well as learning the korean language.
    I agree with your statement,its really hard learning the other language of the other country but until now i still have a dedication to learn more and I wish someday that I will be a fluent speaker of hangul.

  5. kimiya says:

    i love huang tekiang and i want to go to kore and see him

  6. mark says:

    hi im mark from phillipines alam nyo d naman talaga mahirap mag study ng korean e madaling kung talagang gusto matuto pero kung pilit kalang mahihirapan ka talaga by the way mag 1 year na akong nag aaral ng korean kaya halos half sa dictionary na memorize ko. dictionary lang ang katapat nyan at tiyaga.thats all folks! ^^

  7. selvi says:

    annyeonghaseo kreah..
    nae iremeun selvi imnida jigum indonesia samnida..

    it’s a nice blog..
    gomapsemnida 4 this all korean lyrics..

  8. gha-rhiiee says:

    kreah?? ur a filipino?? woow.. do u have fb?? ang galing mo pouh..ako pinag aaralan ko pa ung hangul..mahirap nga xa..hahai..xana ma amster kona to like you.. >>meyie<<

  9. NiEanmEi says:

    i gradually learned hangeul through online an activity of testing my korean knowledge,i am now chating with those korean a matter of fact,i am enjoying doing that one and at the same time i am also learning. I begin with the korean alphabets named or also known in korea as “HANGEUL”,am i right?if we are very much interested regarding with these subject,im pretty sure that all of can learn..i just want to be your friend..lets just imagine that we are all classmates and we are studying in a korean school at the same it enjoy right?m just a simple filipina with a great ambition in life and it includes me traveling in korean…rest assured to finalize it..i want all of you to be my friend…pls add me on[email protected].hope to be there soon…Jal it uh everyone….kamsahamnida geurigo saranghae….anyong higaseyo….!!!


  10. NiEanmEi says:

    ..annyong haseyo..yah!chingu!im also fun of learning korean im focusing in it because im considered as an addict of it too…but i want to learn and explore the world of hangeul..aside from it,i am very particular in writing with these things..hope we ca meet soon…annyong higaseyo chingu….^_^


  11. Ari says:

    Annyeong Haseyo Kreah!

    I’m from Indonesia. I also learn Hangul now. Though I learn it independently using Korean sites in the internet as a guidance. I manage on reading Hangul words now, but still doesn’t know what the words are saying he..he..he..
    But, I’m not giving up yet. Keep writing korean song lyrics in your site Kreah, ‘coz it helps me a lot to sing the song correctly.

    By the way, can you give me hints of what are the top 5 Korean drama that you think are the best ever!

    Kamsahamnida Kreah

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