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Perhaps Love/Sarangingayo Lyrics (Goong/Princess Hours OST)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Perhaps Love
A.K.A. Sarangingayo Lyrics
OST Album Princess Hours OST
Romanized by
On-je-yot-don-gon-ji / gi-yong na jin ah-na
ja-ku nae mo-ri-ga / no-ro u-ji-rop-don shi-jak
han-du bon-shik / doh-oh-ryu-dun seng-gak
ja-ku nul-o-ga-so / jo-gum dang-hwang-su-ru-un i ma-um
pyol-il-I ah-nil su it-da-go / sa-so-han ma-umi-ra-go
ni-ga ne-ge ja-ku (ne ge ja ku)
ma-rul ha-nun / geh o-saeng-han-gol


sa-rang-in-ga-yo / ku-de nah-wa gat-da-myon shi-jahk-in-ga-yo
ma-mi jah ku gu dael / sa-rang-han-dae-yo
on se-sang-i dud-du-rok / so-ri-chi-ne-yo
wae i-je-ya dul-li-jyoh oooohh…
so-rol man-na-gi we-hyae / i-je-ya sa-rang cha-jat-da-go

ji-gum nae ma-umul / sol-myong-ha-ryoh hae-do
ne-ga nae-ga dwe-o mamul nu kki nun bang bop ppun in de

i-mi nan ni / a-ne / it-nun-gol
ni a-ne / ni-ga it-du shi
u-rin so-ro-we-ge (so ro we ge)
i-mi gil-dul-yo / jin-ji mo-la

Repeat Chorus:

Seng-gak-hae-bo-myon (saeng gahk hae boh myuhn)
Manh-un sun-gan-so-ke (so ke)
Ol-ma-na manhun (yeah) sol-le-im it-ot-nun-ji
jo-gum nujun gu man-kum nan do jal-hyae jul-kke-yo

ham-ke hal-ke-yo / chu-wok-i dwel giokman sol-mul-hal-ke-yo
da-shin nae gyote-so / ddo-na-ji ma-yo
jjal-bun sun-gan-jo-cha-do bul-an-han gol-yo
nae-ge mo-mul-lo-jwoyo oooohh…
Gu-dael i-roh-ke ma-nhi (gu to rok ma-nhi)
Sarang-ha-go wi-so-yo (gu dae yo ya mahn) i mi

Hangul / Korean Lyrics

Hangul Title:사랑인가요
Perhaps Love (사랑인가요)
HowL & J

언제였던건지 기억나진 않아
자꾸 내 머리가 너로 어지럽던 시작
한 두번씩 떠오르던 생각
자꾸 늘어가서 조금 당황스러운 이 마음

별일이 아닐 수 있다고 사소한 마음 이라고
내가 네게 자꾸 말을 하는게 어색한걸

사랑인가요 그대 나와 같다면 시작인가요
맘이 자꾸 그댈 사랑한대요
온 세상이 듣도록 소리치네요
왜 이제야 들리죠 우-
서롤 만나기 위해 이제야 사랑 찾았다고

지금 내 마음을 설명하려 해도
니가 내가 되어 맘을 느끼는 방법 뿐인데
이미 난 니안에 있는 걸
내 안에 니가 있듯이
우린 서로에게 (서로에게)
이미 길들여진지 몰라

사랑인가요 그대 나와 같다면 시작인가요
맘이 자꾸 그댈 사랑한대요
온 세상이 듣도록 소리치네요
왜 이제야 들리죠 우-
서롤 만나기 위해 이제야 사랑 찾았다고

생각해보면 많은 순간속에
얼마나 많은 설레임 있었는지
조금 늦은 그 만큼 난 더 잘해 줄께요

함께 할께요 추억이 될 기억만 선물할께요
다신 내곁에서 떠나지 마요
짧은 순간조차도 불안한 걸요
내게 머물러줘요 우-

그댈 이렇게 많이 (그토록 많이)
사랑하고 있어요 (그대 하나만) 이미 -

English Translation of Lyrics

Translated by: Mrs. Jung Ji Hoon
Submitted by:
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  1. pearl avila says:

    Wow it makes my HEART MELT!!!!

    I REAlly love this song!!!!

  2. Adrina says:

    This song makes me cry !!!
    So cool DAEBAK !!

  3. Bhuvana says:

    Realy fantastc song… I dont na hw much i lov it…
    Wt a feel of lov… I thnk i cnt get rid of this film evr tat i lovd t so much!! This is the rhythm of love… JOO JI HOON , YOON EUN HYE are simply suprb!!
    I think i m already falling for them…. Lov yu loadz..

  4. abby says:

    i love this song so much!!<3 ^^

  5. daniela says:

    kakilig! gosh!

  6. jenniferpanio says:

    …when i was still in 2nd year highschool i was so addict with this movie..i keep on wathching it up until now…it was like i cant get rid of this…maybe because for me this is a wonderful and so nice romantic movie…yoon eun hye is so cute and beautiful.. and also with shin goon…they both have chemistry…i like the story very well….and i really2 love korean dramas..especially this…

  7. wincyl diaz gouem says:

    i h0pe princess hour will return on abs-cbn…

  8. michael says:

    ilove this……song…..

  9. CAiRA. : ) says:’s so nice..i’m falling in love with SHiN GOON… : ) love yah lots..

  10. CAiRA. : ) says:’s so nice..i’m falling in love with SHiN GOON… : )

  11. nand says:

    howw sweetttt <3

  12. listia says:

    I love this song, so sweet ..

  13. kania says:

    annyeong haseyo….
    princess hours is the best……………

  14. Adella says:

    I love this liric song and princess hours

  15. indiravailable says:

    i love this song and the drama! i sing this song about 2-3 times a daaay! :))

  16. alona says:

    it makes me cute!

  17. strawberryfieldsforever says:

    one of the best songs in a k-drama. the melody spells love!

  18. rohim says:

    cool! I like this lyric so much ..

  19. apriari says:

    Lagu ne mang Bagus bAngeet…..

  20. first time when i see this movie is on 2006 im gr.3 i didn’t have care on this movie. but this is my favorite when im was grade 3 and the year past i’ve forgot this korean drama, when im turn to first year i saw the movie, full episodes in my computer. i’ve watch it again, and i realized more than im grade 3. i really hate when i’m seeing korean romantic,comedy movie ^_^ because i’m so obsessed i can’t never let go once i watched it. ^_^

    now its 2010 and its
    Dec.25 Merry Christmas to all!
    next month is 2011.
    so fast. 2006 – 2011
    right? o_O

  21. Nurhul says:

    I’m from indonesia

    i love this song n the movie.. If i playing this song, make me enjoy, actually play when i sleep.,
    this movie is very romantic.. I love joo ji hoon so much…
    Saranghae oppa… Saranghae so much oppa…
    Buat tmen.q d gresik…

  22. mia says:

    I like this song!!!
    I love so much…… <3

  23. rhonie says:

    weeeh ^_^ i really like this song…
    but this was our theme song of my past ex gf *T_T*

  24. YaS_013 says:





  25. YaS_013 says:






  26. ……….♥♥♥lots of l♥ve gian n janelle!!!!!………..♥♥♥

    by:♥min_sun and ki_bum♥

  27. cool! I like this lyric so much .. Do you translate it yourself?

  28. haha,, nakakamiss talaga ang princess hours !!!

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