Saranghaeyo Lyrics (I Love You)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Saranghaeyo Lyrics
A.K.A. I Love You
OST Album Mouse Loves Rice OST
Romanized by

Kumawoyo tah-ul dut kudae yope itkiye
Tonun nae-ir-yi na duryopjianhjyo
Sarangttaeme himdungon ipyolttaeme apun-gon
Yonghwasokeman issossumyonhae

Onjena nan midotjyo naebanjjok kudaerago
Nomuna iksukhaeso nul puranhaesotdon narul
Nomuna haengbokhaeso manhi urotdon narul
Marobshi anaju-otjyo ijenun anajwo

Boyoyo kudae-mam arabogimanhae-do
Saranghae saranghaeyo mallonun tamothalmankum
Arayo kudae-mam amumaldo an-hae-do
Saranghae saranghaeyo nunmurun igilmankum

Bitmutjocha yebboyo honjaga hanigi-ye
Donun odumdo na musopji anhjyo
Suchyoganun yon-inun kasumchirin aeginun
Sosolsogeman issossunmyon hae

Onjena nan midotjyo naemanjjok kudaerago
Nomuna iksukhaeso nul buranhaessotdon narul
Nomuna haengbokhaeso manhi urotdon narul
Maropshi anaju-otjyo ijenun anajwo

Repeat Chorus 3x

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5 comments for this post.

  1. i like this song
    its very meaningful ,its a bit sad ,i dnt like people crying,

  2. Asus says:

    Hi Reah

    Thanks a lot for putting this up. I am not sure if you are still maintaing this site, but if you do, would you be able to get the hangul lyrics for this song?

  3. Sein Kalar says:

    I love it so much.
    the english song is

    When that day I hear your voice
    I have some special feeling
    Let me always think I don’t wanna forget you
    I remember at the day
    You are always on my mind
    Even though I just can think about you

    If one day in the future
    This love will be coming true
    I’ve never change my mind that I will love you forever
    I don’t care how far it is
    I will let my dream come true
    I will tell you something I wanna let you know
    I let you know

    I love you, loving you
    as the mouse so loves the rice
    Even every day has storm
    I will always by your side

    I miss you, missing you
    I don’t care how hard it is
    I just want you be happy
    Everything, I do it for you

    Thank you.

  4. Izza says:

    i hope you will put an english translation to it…thanx…saranghanda……