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Sarangun Himdunkabwa lyrics (My Girl OST)

Romanized Lyrics

Title Sarangun Himdunkabwa
A.K.A. Love Can Be Hard
OST Album My Girl OST
Romanized by

Amudo midchi mara huwen pyon-hanikka
Onjena gimjanghae issoya handago
Niga marhan jogdu naega paeun jogdo homnunde
Ijen hochorago

Nul monjo usojora ijochunun kotdo
Irohke myonsubul handamyon swipdago
Orae aparamyon chomjomusuwoman chindanunde
Chongmallo hojjorago

Hamkkehan / chinan shiganduri
Kujo turonirro tomdomhage nama
Kaman-hi issodu gasumi apawa
Chit-gyo-jyodo nan usoya hae

Sarangun himdunka bwa oh himdunka bwa
Marul hal sujyocha omke mandunikka
Oh himduroso oh himduroso
Ijen nunmuljyocha naegen sachinka bwa

Repeat II and III
Repeat IV 3x


Hangul / Korean Lyrics

Hangul Title:사랑은 힘든가봐
사랑은 힘든가봐
마이 걸 OST

아무도 믿지 마라 후엔 변하니까
언제나 긴장해 있어야 한다고
니가 말한 적도 내가 배운 적도 없는데
이젠 어쩌라고

늘 먼저 웃어줘라 잊어주는 것도
이렇게 연습을 한다면 쉽다고
오래 아파하면 점점 우스워만 진다는데
정말로 어쩌라고

함께한 지난 시간들이
그저 그런 일로 덤덤하게 남아
가만히 있어도 가슴이 아파와
찢겨져도 난 웃어야 해

사랑은 힘든가 봐 오 힘든가 봐
말을 할 수조차 없게 만드니까
오 힘들어서 오 힘들어서
이젠 눈물조차 내겐 사친가 봐

늘 먼저 웃어줘라 잊어주는 것도
이렇게 연습을 한다면 쉽다고
오래 아파하면 점점 우스워만 진다는데
정말로 어쩌라고

함께한 지난 시간들이
그저 그런 일로 덤덤하게 남아
가만히 있어도 가슴이 아파와
찢겨져도 난 웃어야 해

사랑은 힘든가봐 오 힘든가봐
말을 할 수조차 없게 만드니까
오 힘들어서 오 힘들어서
이젠 눈물조차 내겐 사친가 봐

사랑은 힘든가봐 오 힘든가봐
말을 할 수조차 없게 만드니까
오 힘들어서 오 힘들어서
이젠 눈물조차 내겐 사친가 봐

사랑은 힘든가봐 오 힘든가봐
말을 할 수조차 없게 만드니까
오 힘들어서 오 힘들어서
이젠 눈물조차 내겐 사친가 봐 -

English Translation of Lyrics

Translated by: busnumber
Submitted by:
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  1. vapheline says:

    great song!! thanks 4 da lyrics..

  2. hanem says:

    where can i get the tree bicycle song??

  3. princess heart says:

    bestnyer lagu nie……ske sangat!

  4. poksu says:

    best giler!!!!!
    (the best)

  5. jb3657 says:

    I really appreciate the lyrics to this song and the translation.
    I hope one day i will learn how to speak korean.

  6. perla says:

    annyoung kreah

    pls include Suh Reum Ban Jjeum from My Girl — that’s one of my favorites in that OST album.

    Jjal iss uh


  7. geles says:

    i love lee da hae and lee dong wook!They’re so cute!!!!
    Love all the songs in my girl too:)

  8. lili90 says:

    i luv…this song!!lee da hae so..cute.go go chayok!!

  9. lee da hae says:

    mas gusto ko yung never say goodbye……pwede ba iyon ma download sa winamp ng cell ko?…tell me….need badly

  10. wawa says:

    luv this song!!!

  11. Corey says:

    I love this song… yaeah….

  12. emmeight says:

    Thanx fo’ da’ translation ya’
    How’d U learn Korean anywayz’?..
    Dude, teach me!!…

  13. Bae Yong-jun says:

    love this songs……

  14. Bae Yong-jun says:

    love the songs…

  15. Kreah says:


    thanks for telling me what diba said. About Maria, I am going to download it first, because that is how I romanize. The hangul lyrics, I can get it anytime on the web.

    About me moving, I am just moving out the wordpress free hosting service, to a paid one so I can add some features for this site like top commenters, and polls… Maybe there will be just few problems during the transition period, but it is still

  16. farhanna says:

    dont u have lyrics from movie 200 pound beauty-Maria??
    love that song!

  17. farhanna says:

    hi Kreah..
    diba said “this website is the best one”
    iits a malay language..
    r u seriour that u r moving??
    i dont get it..
    is that mean all korean addicted cannot find the ost here??

  18. saeko says:

    hey! thnx so much for the lyrics..i’ve been searching everywhere!!

  19. Kreah says:

    You’re welcome…. ^_^

  20. kimkuk says:

    Thanxxxx a lot Kreah….I know I can find it here.

  21. LUu says:

    can u tell me where to get this video please please!!!!! i just love it!!!!!!!! thx

  22. ~~japhie~~ says:

    oh, i really really love this song as well as my girl! im happy htat i know now the lyrics!!hehe :D

  23. zaien says:

    i love this make me feel very calm.I LOVE KOREAN DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kreah says:

    Sorry Yoja, I don’t know, too. T_T
    If I can find it, I will add it in this post.

  25. yoja says:

    i really want to know the meaning of this song..

  26. Kreah says:

    “this website mmg bes gler ar.-diba”

    I really don’t know what you said but still approved it. Oh well…

  27. diba says:

    this website mmg bes gler ar.

  28. says:


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