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Write and Pronounce Your Name, the Korean Way

In, they have this list of English names and their equivalent Korean characters. The one who made this list said that this list is not official but he tried his best to spell the names in Hangul. Boys and girls’ names are mixed up in alphabetical order. Since I believe most of us, k-addicts, are girls and we wish to spell our names in Korean… I chose to list only girls names. I was the one who romanize the korean characters, here. If you want to see the Thinkzone’s list of English names in Korean please click here. Koreans don’t usually end their words in consonants.


Kreah’s replies to requests are below this post.

English Names in Korean with Romanization


Farhanna = 파라하나 = Parahanna: There is no letter F in Hangul Alphabet.
Hanna = 한나 = Hanna
Liyana = 리아니 = Liyana
Bae Young-Jun…
Nicole = 니걸루 / 니걸르= Nikollu
adrea…(is it AE DRI YA?)
Adrea = 애두리야 / 애드리야 = aeduriya
atikah = 아티가 = a-ti-ka (I am not really sure about this because when ? is followed by an ?, the Romanization is usually TSI, so it will be like A-TSI-KA)
(So I made another one….) 아다가= atika (since ? is sometimes romanized as T)
brynyl = 브리닐 = beu-ri-nil (they don’t attach R with B) or this would most likely be브리닐르 = beu-ri-nil-lu
Pauline = 퍼린 = Pol-lin
Aqilah = 아길라 = A-KIL-LA
Gillian = 길리얀 = Gil-li-yan
Sammiie = 사미= Sami
or Samantha = 사만타 = Samanta


for Jinrey…the vertical line was just the mouse cursor when I print screen the file.





For Trixia, I added Trish in this list. It is romanized as Turishui. Just check it out below.


The next batch… sorry I was busy.





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    Can you translate my name ? Shennaine

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    Could you please translate my name to Korean?
    My name is Audrey.
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    hope u wil be my friend!

  7. Celeste Peh says:

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    wat i mean is i don knw how to tel the others how to do it, okey?

  9. Celeste peh says:

    hi~~! your qns i cant reply… but you may go to to find you answers! i hope this will help you very much in the way of typing your name in the box, the the 2nd box will show you your name in korean wordings!!

  10. Celeste peh says:

    help mt to translate my name into korean wordings! pls, my name is Celeste
    i will be very please if u do that! thanks for reading and thankyou very much! have a nice day and good bye!:)

  11. Celeste peh says:

    help me to translate my name into koreans words! my name is Celeste

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    My name is Youna.

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    Please translate the following two names:

    1. Sonika Varshney
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    Anneyong Haseyo can you please translate these names for please
    Kamsahamnida for your work :)

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