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Links for Korean Drama, Movie, and K-Pop Fans

If you know other sites, leave it in the comment box. Thanks.

Blogs about Korean Entertainment

  1. All kpop – Sizzlin K-Pop Gossip and News
  2. ShenYuePop – Korean Entertainment News and Gossip
  3. Dramabeans – Deconstructing Kdramas and K-Pop Culture
  4. K-Popped! – Passionate about Korean pop culture
  5. Pop Seoul – What’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style
  6. Korean Drama Box – Latest korean drama news, synopsis, casts, and much more
  7. Asian Fanatic – Asian Entertainment News

Lyrics site aside from Kreah Craze

  1. Aheeyah
  2. Aigoo Lyrics
  3. Miyachannel

Korean Lyrics Sites

  1. Melon
  2. Jukeon
  3. Gasaman
  4. Inmuz
  5. CIX Lyrics

Other Music-related sites

  • K-Drama Queen Watch Kdrama Online,Download Korean Drama Ost,Korean DVD covers,korean stars news,drama reviews,links
  • Kpop Music

Sites where you can watch Korean Drama / Movies Online

  1. Mysoju
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. aznV.TV
  4. DramaFreak
  5. Asian Lounge

Online Stores (CDs and DVDs)

  1. YesAsia
  2. Korea Pop

Korean Drama and Movie Database (Reviews,synopsis,photos)

  • Websites
  1. Drama Wiki
  2. Hancinema
  • Blogs
  1. KoreanFilm.Org


  1. Asian Fanatic
  2. Soompi Forum – K-Pop for the masses
  3. KpopMusic.Co.Uk – Korean Pop Music and Video
  4. D Addicts
  5. Asia Popular

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  1. Hi,
    I hope I can exchange links with you. Please email me.

  2. Can you change the Miyachan’s blog to Miyachannel or Miyachannel? I already change the link. Thanks in advance

  3. I hope you can exchange links as well with us

  4. kreah kenapa tidak ada tempat untuk me-download lagi,saya hanya tahu ada disini saja kenapa sekarang tidak bisa lagi???????????????????saya bisa me-download dengan mudah di sini plase????????????????????

  5. hello! i just open again you site. I am familiar with your blog name but i am not sure. anyways, you have a nice website. i will add you in my blgroll. you can also visit mine. heres the link

  6. i didn’t find any links for download OSTs,Kreah..
    pls..i wanna download WSAYF-Miracle!!

  7. Hello Kreah Craze ^^, I was wondering if you want to do a link exchange?

  8. xlinks pO! thanks!

  9. hey yo! anybody have any links as to where I can watch The Naked Kitchen or new Korean Movies? Even Taiwanese movies are welcome 🙂

  10. annyong haseyo

    soo haengbok can find ur link

    hey r u indonesian?

    reply plis


  11. hi! i love this site. i can search for the lyrics of my fave korean series

  12. Hello there
    I like to chat with miss Han Hye Jin.Please send me her e_mail,thanks.
    I’m waiting forward to send me her e_mail.

  13. Thanks a lot……………
    i love this site….
    cause i can search for the lyrics of my fave korean series….

    thanks again….

    love u….

  14. hey! i like ur site.. i always see here my favorite drama lyrics ost..
    and im just wondering, where can i post my lyrics??? please reply.. tnx..

  15. @ fera & jeong ai….Kreah is Filiphinese…see “about kreah”…for easy communication please use english….^___^

  16. does anyone know where i can find the whole OST to LA DLCE VITA have been looking for YEARS!!!! PLZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be GREATLY Appreciated


  18. Hi! I just wanted to share a link with you ! is where you can get your latest kpop news !

    they also have their facebook page
    and twitter

    They’re holding a contest to win gift cards from YesAsia. For more information you can visit this link :

  19. *anyone who know download link for new korean drama or any download link that have all korean drama pls share with me at or contact me in fb…plz…………..

  20. hi, you can also download korean dramas and movies here (mediafire links) :

  21. Hi Would you be able to add our kpop news site to you list as well please?

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