Figuring out their style: A list of K-Drama writers and their works

Like any other writers, writers of korean dramas have their own writing style. I got the name of the writers and their corresponding works from hancinema. If you know the dramas, I hope you can joined me on this, finding similarities in their works.

I believe that knowing their style give us some ideas of the korean dramas we have not watched yet. Actually, I just have watched a few dramas from this list (I am just starting) and I shared some of my views below. By the way, some writers work together.

Min Hyo Jeong
Attic Cat ( w/ Goo Seon Kyeong)
Full House (w/ Won Soo Yeon)
Our Attitude to Prepare Parting (from dramawiki)

What I know: Attic Cat and Full House characters lived in one house and fell in love. I read on one site also that Full House and Our attitude are quite similar because it tackle marriage and divorce.

Lee Kyeong Hee
I am Sorry, I love you (MISA)
A Love to Kill

Beating Heart
Sang Doo! Let’s go to School

What I know: Revenge is the theme of MISA and A Love to Kill.

Hong Mi-ran and Hong Jeong-un
Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang
My Girl
Fantastic Couples

What I know: Chun Hyang was the real granddaughter in My Girl. ^_^ She appeared in the last episode with his husband. His name was subbed Marvin in the Philippines. I don’t know his name in Korean. ~_~ …..And then, Chun Hyang and My Girl are romantic comedies. Don’t know about Fantastic Couples.

In Eun Ah
Princess Hours / Palace / Goong
Romantic Comedy
Tell Me Something

Choi Wan Gyoo
All In
Into the Storm
Jumong / The Book of Three Han
Love Story in Harvard

Jeong Hyeong Soo
Beating Heart
Jumong / The Book of Three Han

Soon Eun Hye
Love Story in Harvard
One Fine Day

Kim Do Woo
My Name is Kim Sam-Soon
Fox, What Are You Doing?

Hwang Seong -yeon
Only You
Forbidden Love (w/Lee Kyong-mi)
Something Happened in Bali

Kim Gi-Ho and Lee Sun Mi
Super Rookie
Sweet Spy
Invicible Parachute Agent / KSA
Love of Thousand Years

What I know: KSA and Super Rookie stories evolved from the idea that someone got hired because of a computer error. Anyway, Super Rookie was first. And the characters were both played by Eric Moon. I haven’t watched KSA, but I am planning to. KSA and Sweet Spy seemed to have detective sort of characters reading the titles. ^_^

Lee Sun Mi
Star in my Heart
Kim Gi-ho
Something Happened in Bali

Kim Eun-sook
Lovers in Paris
Lovers in Prague
Fly High
Once In A Summer
Ice Rain
A Millionaire’s First Love

What I notice: Haven’t watched her dramas even lovers in Paris. Just some episodes but never been addicted to it. So, it is just interesting to note the LOVERS in the titles. ^_^ What’s with LOVERS?

Jo Myeong-Joo
Man of the Vineyard
Over the Rainbow (with 2 other writers)
Goodbye My Love
The Contact

What I Know: I have watched Vineyard Man and Over the Rainbow but I couldn’t find similarities. Do you have some about this writer?

Kang Eun-Kyeong
Oh! Pil-Seung…/ Oh! Feel Young
Hello, God
Glass Slipper
Dalja’s Spring

Park Hye Kyeong
Stairway to Heaven
Stained Glass

Lee Hyong-min
Winter Sonata
The Snow Queen
Sang Doo! Let’s go…

What I Know: Is winter the favorite season of this writer? I don’t know much. Maybe you can help me. ^_^

Oh Soo Yeon
Autumn in My Heart
Winter Sonata
All About Eve
Four Sisters
Love Letter

Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyeong
Sweet 18
Summer Scent
Winter Sonata
The Snow Queen